Dreams and relevant interpretation I suggest

(Dreams No. 201-to-225)

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Dream No.201

An old friend of mine I knew when I was five-six of age pays a visit to me…and we start talking in the small room of my daughter who just before got dirty with shit. I try to clean her but in the end I do not know where to put my hands, so I am forced to take some shit away from her with my mouth. I feel some disgust but I discover that it is not as strong as it is felt when imagining such an operation in one’s mind. Moreover, in my opinion I must do it if I want to thoroughly clean my daughter, so I go to the kitchen to spit this unusual mouthful.

Shit pre-eminently represents "dirt", hence also what we feel we have inside in terms of "evil" emotions. For the dreamer it could represent either the negative side of her feelings with regard to her daughter (we are no longer surprised after reading so many dream interpretations) and her own feelings when, in turn, she was a daughter.
The chronological reference (when I was five-six of age) would seem to support the last assumption but it cannot be excluded that both assumptions could be right at the same time.
At any rate, the key point of this dream is the fact that at last she decides to establish a contact with these "dirty" emotions and in the most thorough way, with her MOUTH that is the part of our body that most unwillingly we would like to put in touch with "shit". We can infer that by now she has overcome her toughest resistance. Also because she finds out that this operation is less disgusting than one could imagine.

On top of the above two positive signs there is also her belief that "I must do it if I want to thoroughly clean my daughter".
The only strange element in this dream is the fact that she goes to the KITCHEN to spit the unusual mouthful. Why doesn’t she go to the bathroom, as one would expect? No answer can be found, we can only remark that a kitchen is immediately associated to the MOTHER…Here is another hint to be borne in mind for the forthcoming dreams.

Dream No.202

….When I come back to my daughter’s small room I look through the window’s glasses….and I hear a plane flying very very low and its pilot saying in a loudspeaker that he is experiencing great difficulties and he will be compelled to land…I am worried at the idea that this landing may change into a disaster.
I take a more careful look at the horizon and I see a series of lights dashing in the sky from bottom to top and I understand that they come from the anti-aircraft artillery of the Serbian war. I am terrified now, war is so near that sooner or later we too will get involved.

Until a short time before the involved patient had kept the same intimate fatherly image as children build up to feel safe and protected, namely the good, strong, brave giant winning always and over everyone.
It was a strongly idealized image because her father was far from being like the model his daughter had built. On the contrary, her image was the more perfect the more it had to counterbalance the disappointment she suffered in real life.
In her dream the father surpassing everyone is represented by the pilot, that is a man flying over the others, placed up there, at the top.

Now the patient feels that this strongly idealized fatherly image is about to collapse. Usually, during the life of the majority of people, father’s reappraisal is gradual, with no shocks, as one grows up, and at the most it causes some disappointment. On the contrary, when the fatherly figure is used as a self-protection against strong emotional storms during childhood, father’s reappraisal is experienced as a FALL, as a disaster, because the DAM-PROTECTION starts to lack.
During the dream, the collapse of this protection primes a war outbreak, that is a conflict amongst no longer restrained emotions. And the dramatic scenario is built using the news of recent events (Serbian war).
The patient may have used the anti-aircraft artillery shots either to depict a war environment or even to indicate violent emotions starting from the bottom (her unconscious) and addressed up there, to the top, where the pilot-father is flying.

You will say: "What! Wasn’t her father a dam-protection? And now she shoots at him?".
In a psyche, things are never simple, linear and logical. If they were so, I would be…unemployed. Up with psyche! :-)

Dream No.203

I was in an old house. There was a feeling that something was about to finish. The house seemed to relate to my mother in some way. In the wall of a room there was a fireplace and I thought that I would like to stay in that room and enjoy the heat. There was a feeling that something should not be done as it was time-wasting but there was also a feeling that something was next to end, therefore I wished to warm up a little bit more before it finished.

Here is the turning point of an analysis. There is the "old way" still staying in him (the house) but there is also a feeling that the old way is next to end. In this case, feelings associated to the motherly figure are involved and the mother is regarded in a childish way that is like a brooding hen that provides HEAT to the chick sheltering under its wing.
The patient realizes that he is grown adult now and, therefore, he is expected to have a different and more mature relationship with his mother, a relationship where he will have to take care of his mother that has become old now. But he wants to linger a little longer over his childish attitude consisting of getting pleasure in TAKING heat, love and protection FROM his mother. Surely she will always love him but with a different love because now safety and strength are provided by him.
He knows that his lingering over his childish attitude is time-wasting, but he wants to do it all the same because he is aware that there won’t be other opportunities for doing it. Let’s say: the last suck before starting to make up one’s food with one’s own hands, or the last leave before going to the front!

Dream No.204

I had broken some things and for this reason I was feeling a sense of guilt. A priest came and as he found me very sick he tried to heal me asking me to blink. At the beginning I failed. Then, little by little I managed to do it and he said that he had to make a sort of devil come out of my body.

Here again a sense of guilt caused by an "evil" emotion that has broken some taboos.
I have already published many dreams where the figure of a devil appears but now, in particular, I want to report what I stated in my interpretation of Dream No. 2:

"… The PROJECTION mechanism can be seen here in operation: evil is located outside, in the DEVIL, rather than inside, in some emotions-drives. "I would be good if that bumpkin wasn’t there to tempt me"!…"

The defence mechanism is rather different in the two dreams. There the evil-devil was sent away by the dreamer directly (tracing crosses everywhere), on the contrary here the dreamer resorts to the action of another person (the exorcistical priest). It is evident that in her opinion she does not own the means required to get free. This indicates that she feels weaker and more vulnerable than the other dreamer, she is in a higher dependant status. For the therapist this is a helpful hint as it suggests that he adopts a softer action.

Dream No.205

There is a fire outbreak in a cafe. To put it out I ask M.. to help me, I tell him to put the electric meter off and call ENEL (National Electricity Board) at once.

We already know the meaning of a fire outbreak. A detail of this dream is amazing: ENEL is to be called at once and not the Fire Brigade as one would expect in such a circumstance. This means that the unconscious of this dreamer knows that energy (i.e. the energy of emotions) and not fire represents the true problem.
ENEL being the board producing and distributing electrical energy, it symbolizes ENERGY in general, therefore PSYCHIC energy as well.

In this case putting the electric meter off is an appropriate measure to take because other and perhaps even greater damages might occur in case current was still on.
Everything OK then? Not really. It is sufficient to consider that in the psychic field putting the current off is equal to DEPRESSION. With all that comes with it!
It was claimed that we become depressed because and whenever we destroy our beloved "objects". This is true in some cases but in other situations (as in this dream, for example) depression is a consequence of the fact that we put off the cock deliverying the energy that destroyed our beloved "objects".
And it is not the same thing. In the first instance depression is the effect produced by an action already MADE, while in the second case it is a way to PREVENT an additional possible destroying action.

In a very few words this dream supplies a most valuable hint to be used for therapeutical purposes.

Dream No.206

I was in a Communist office. I was speaking to some of them sitting around a table, in a calm atmosphere. I was a Fascist or, anyway, I was their opponent. The meeting was held to know each other even if everyone was sticking to his own position. Other members arrived and nearly as a joke I warned them that they should not give me their names as I could make reprisals. I stated who I was and why I was there. Communists were mainly workers, badly or poorly dressed, maybe even ugly. I realized that in such a situation it was quite logical for them to be Communists.

It is evident that political terms are used here only to indicate the inside scene and the various psychic components that were harshly fighting each other before and that now, instead, move in the calm atmosphere of a meeting, talk around a table and try to know each other better. Even a facetious answer slips in the conversation.
It is to be noticed that he goes to the "den of former enemies", thus pointing out that the relationship between consciousness and unconsciousness, between the brigth part and the Shadow, has changed and it is no longer based on fear.
We are thousand miles away from war scenarios, terrific monsters, eruptions of volcanoes, giant waves flooding everything, etc.
There is still a remanent prejudice (the "others" are poor, badly dressed and ugly) but a long distance has already been covered…

Dream No.207

I am in my house. It is empty and nothing is on the walls. Plaster has been removed up to mid-height and bricks can be seen. I have a pleasant peaceful feeling and I think: "It was not so difficult and it was neither so expensive!"

The dreamer has been married for many years to a woman he doesn’t love, a woman he never really talked to and that has always "held him down" taking advantage of the fact that he has always given up his role to avoid discussions (see Dream No. 149).
Many times he thought of separating from his wife but he never converted these thoughts into a concrete decision. Why? He was persuaded that it would be difficult and "expensive", both in terms of conflicts and real money. So he continued rubbing along that disappointing life full of frustration. Now, instead, in his dream he managed to part from his wife and make her go out of his life. In fact, his house (personality) is empty and plaster is removed up to HALF height (often a wife is referred to as one’s better HALF).

This interpretation was confirmed by the dreamer’s comments: that empty room with scraped off plaster did not cause a feeling of desolation and dreariness but a feeling of FREEDOM, pleasant peacefulness and even satisfaction, the same as when it is found out that an operation is less difficult than expected.
You will say: "But this happened only in his dream!" Surely, but the change (the real and lasting one) always starts from "down there". Once it occurred "down there", it is only a matter of time, sooner or later it will appear also in real life.
Optimism supported by nothing? No, optimism supported by experiences already and repeatedly made.

Dream No.208

Published as received:

I am a 17 year girl, I have always been fascinated by mistery and the depths of human psyche. In fact, I am thinking of enrolling at the psychology course at the university. Anyway, in the last few years I have been troubled by a recurrent dream. This theme recurs up to three or four times a month.
Here it is, I would like to find some explanation also because lately it seems to be a sort of presentment…

The third world war breaks out. The scenario is different but every time I always have to save somebody or protect my family or my friends, avoiding bombs, helicopters, etc.

Very often people interpret dreams as a presentment of something that is going to happen. Without absolutely excluding that this might occur, I would only say that after so many years of practice and hearing so many dreams, I never met with a single case of presentment. If the calculus of probability is somewhat grounded, this element in practice means that a presentment-dream, even if it exists, is very rare.
In your case, however, something different is involved. This dream belongs to the very crowded class of SUDDEN and DRAMATIC events such as:

.... and we could go on like that much longer.

Which is the meaning of all these events? They indicate that long controlled (knowingly inhibited) or repressed (unknowingly inhibited) emotions that were felt as "evil", are inside us. Usually these emotions aim at our dearest ones (ambivalence). Since these emotions have no vent possibility, they cause the inside "pressure" (the psychic one) to increase to such an extent that a fear appears that suddenly, in a moment, all that stacked energy might give off and produce catastrophical damages to the outer world, especially to our dearest ones.
At this point also a worry appears about protecting-saving these persons that actually are threatened only by our "prohibited" drives.
The protecting-saving drive is allowed to come into the dream because it shows our "good" part, hence it is granted the right of citizenship and free movement with no problem. The assaulting drive, instead, being "evil", is projected outside and appears under one of the various forms as above listed.

It can be said that the longer emotions were controlled-repressed, the greater the threatened explosion appears to be devastating.
Mandatory clarification: this stacked energy is to be set free in dreams, not in real life!!!
I say so because at this point usually my patients ask me: "But what have I got to do then, go around and shoot at people?".
Once they are free from this excess of energy, an apparently absurd effect is brought about: we find out that we love even more our dearest ones that we "ill-treated" in our dreams, maybe in a cruel way.
If we do not get free, instead, we keep dreaming of outbreaking wars. That’s why yours is a recurrent dream.

Dream No.209

Published as received:

Good morning, Mr. Badiali,
My name is E.. and I my age is 28. Obviously I am writing you because I would like to receive your interepretation of a dream I had a few months ago and that impressed me.
I wish to clarify that I do not like horror movies!
Thank you in advance for the answer you will give me and accept my compliments for your idea of setting up an oneiric site.

I am at home, in my kitchen, and a very big, fat man is there. I am sure he wants to do a great harm to me so I run away. My escape is hindered because being in a room I can only turn around the table or put small pieces of furniture in between him and me. I decide to face him and hit him with a long sharp knife but, being in a panic, at the beginning I do not even hit him. Then I manage to drive the blade in his chest, I can feel the knife penetrating his flesh, just where the heart is, but he does not even notice this and keeps running after me.
At this point I understand that if I want to defeat him I must find out which is his weak point and to do so I must calm down. I understand that his eyes are his weak point. I drive the knife in one eye first and then in the other one taking his eyeball out, then I trace a cross on his empty eye-sockets. I am safe now!

I appreciate that everyone would like to understand which are his/her problems thanks to a few properly interpreted dreams but, unfortunately, this is not possible. To arrive at such a result a systematic and continuous work on dreams is necessary.
From this single dream it is possible to infer that you experience a far too much conflicting relationship with male figures. I cannot tell you more. If I were you, I would look for the causes of this problem that certainly does not make your life with men easy.

Dream No.210

Published as received:

Good morning,
My name is M. .. and a few minutes ago I came across your site. I wanted to ask you an information, if it is not too much trouble to you. This morning I woke up with my tonight’s dream staying in my memory. I am curious to know what its meaning is. Thank you.

I was at home that however was dark, dirty and overrun with big black hairy spiders and equally big mice. Many persons were in the house but I can only remember my father looking at me while he was trying to crush some spiders but there were so many of them that I was afraid of getting near them.
At a certain point a cat came to help us and first it looked at me then it started sending micee away.
The dream finished when I found out that spiders did not belong to us but to the people living on the flat above ours that have no familiarity with us.

Let’s start from the end. You have no familiary with the people living on the upper floor, this means that the dream refers to elements having no access to your consciousness.
The house represents the dreamer’s personality. Spiders and mice indicate that you feel you have unconscious emotions inside yourself similiar to them, that is that seem rather disgusting to you.
Spiders and mice have sometimes a specific meaning but I prefer not to mention it as I do not have the necessary elements to do so.
Your father tries to help you (read again my interpretation of Dream No. 202) but apparently he is not an adequate protection.
The cat is a symbol of a female figure so apparently a woman offered you a greater protection.

Dreams No. 211, 212, 213, 214, 215, 216, 217

Published as received:

From my diary I have selected a number of quite meaningful dreams without too many personal elements. I have the impression I have already bored you and you will answer me back. However, the problem is likely to be in my head. So I make an attempt.

211.  I am in bed with my mother, like when I was a child. I start dreaming. A man and a woman laying together in a bed. I can see his penis, erected. The woman takes it and puts it inside herself. The man does not want as he is impotent but, as soon as he is in, an abundant erection explodes. I wake up and for some diabolical reasons a can placed in between my mother and me and having some red liquid inside explodes. The light goes off and other strange phenomena occur. I go downstairs to put the light on. While I am going downstairs my sister A.. rings, she has come back. I open the door to her.

When somebody dreams of dreaming it means that an increased distance between consciousness and the emerging unconscious elements is needed. This way we feel safer.
There must be a mistake in the description of your dream: a man is impotent but his penis is erected and, moreover an abundant erection explodes. Did you mean "ejaculation"?
Anyway, your dream refers to the themes of the Oedipus complex and to the great amount of energy they activate (exploding can, light going off, diabolical reasons, diabolical fear).
The memory of the so called "primal scene" might be involved, that is a sexual intercourse between one’s father and mother that a son viewed when he was very young.
You did not specify whether you were wet with pee or sperm but, in any case, it is the effect produced by your great excitement.

212.  …I am in a room, under the shower. From the window I see my father going on crutches around the back garden. He falls backwards. I would like to help him but I can’t from where I am. I shout to my sister. She hears me and goes to help him.

A man going on crutches and falling as well represents a weak male figure that, instead of being of help needs help himself. But you are unable to help so you appoint your sister to do it.

213.  I am by the seaside and am playing with the waves contrasting them (as I actually used to do when I went to the sea). Increasingly stronger waves. I can withstand one, another one violently pushes me back and I bang against a rough wall but I do not get hurt.

Sea waves are the waves of emotions. You want to play with them but you must be careful…

214.  …. I must take M… by car to the mental hospital (she is one of my elder sister’s friends and she is mad). I am in the car and she is driving. I must try to convince her with my words. I am afraid, so I keep one hand always ready to open the door and get out. At a far distance we can see a tower similar to the telephone’s (that strongly struck me when I was a child). It is very high and we head for it. I can see that we are at the airport, near the mental hospital.
The car speed increases. A taking off Concord comes to flank us.
I do not know how but because of us the plane crashes into the Empire State Building which is in front of us.
We too crash into it and another car that I must have met during the first part of my dream gets involved in the accident….

Mental hospital, madness, crashing cars and airplanes, fear: all these elements indicate that strong emotions are troubling inside you and they frighten you.
The car is yours but it is driven by the "mad woman"…!

215.  …. In a street with high buildings, there are some people sitting at a table in a garden. One of them (he will be thirty-five of age) pays compliments to me. He must be homosexual. I dread to be raped. I react giving to understand, in an implicit way, that my parents own a lot of money (actually they are well off but are not rich) and it would be dangerous. Then somebody tells me that I was wrong in pointing out those aspects, he might kidnap me.
I go but I was not pleased with that meeting.

Fear of being homosexual.

216.  Somebody working at the "Resto del Carlino" (an Italian newspaper) has died, he was shot while working at his computer. He was in the office. I am there with a policeman to try and understand. I look out of the window and I see a person aiming a pistol from the house in front of us. I say: "Down to ground!" and I throw myself down. He starts shooting and the policeman fires back. In the meantime from the telephone that is strangely placed there next to the punching machine I call 113 (Public Emergency Rescue). They answer that they are busy and ask me to leave our telephone number. I fail to do it also because I am tense and I pass the phone to the policeman.

Another scene of violence, death, fear. In line with Dream No. 214.

217.  .... Flying to Sicily. I try to check if Australia can be seen and complain that we are flying too low and nothing can be seen. I am told to shut up not to disturb the pilot. The plane is indeed flying too low, it lands but it fails to brake, it takes off again, then it lands again this time successfully.

To come to a triumphal end: with regard to this dream I can tell you absolutely nothing… :-)

Dreams No. 218, 219, 220

Hi Romano,
I am a woman aged…., married since…., with two children aged…
For 17 years I have been travelling around the world with my husband and sons. At present I am living in the States.
I have three frequently recurring dreams that I would like you to explain to me, if you can and have some time to spare. I am very curious to know the meaning of these dreams that I started to have three or four years ago.
You should know that I went to a psychiatrist for some sittings and at present I am still taking some anti-depression drugs.
I will be very grateful for your answer.
Again many thanks and please forgive possible grammatical mistakes but I have forgotten much of the Italian language.
Thank you in advance.

218.  The first dream refers to the flat we rented soon after marrying. The dream is always the same: I am alone in the flat and I can see all my furniture, the rooms, the balcony with the green curtain pulled to provide shadow and cool (it is always summer time). What I like best is my feeling of great peacefulness and happiness in being there again, as I have just arrived from the States for a holiday and, despite the fact that my parent want me to stay with them (which I do every time I come back to Italy), I prefer to stay in my flat (that, anyway, is no longer there now) and I use every excuse to convince them to let me go there.
Then, when at last I am in my flat feeling all this peacefulness and happiness, I realize that I must go away because the owner wants the flat back to rearrange it and go and live herself in it (which she actually did).

You attach great important to your independence from your parents. You have conquered it but it is still unsteady, unstable. There is more than one hint in this regard. In fact, the flat where you went to live after marrying was on rent, not owned. You still need to convince your parents to LET you go there, that is you still need their permission; last, the owner wants to have the flat back.
A flat-house represents the dreamer’s personality. In this case it is not yours but it belongs to a WOMAN. A mother acting like a "brooding hen" beyond due time?
It often happens that too protective-anxious-possessive parents prevent their sons from becoming adult that is independent and free.

219.  I see myself here in the States and I feel a strong wish to change the house where I presently live.

You do not like your personality and would like to change it.

220.  The dream is about children. Sometimes I am pregnant, other times I am holding a newborn baby in my arms or I see women holding newborn babies in their arms. In the first two cases I have a happiness feeling because newborn babies are mine, in the third case instead I feel strongly depressed and envious of the women holding a baby because I know that I will never be able to have a baby of my own due to a hysterectomy I had to undergo (which is true as I had to undergo surgery two years ago).

This dream does not need interpretation being inequivocally self-explanatory: a consuming desire of a forever lost motherhood and an envy for any woman that can still enjoy it.

Dream No. 221

We were eating some salad that was washed by me (maybe). Somebody found a worm in the salad. So I watched in my dish and I too found three worms, one after the other. I am really disgusted by worms so I tried to go on eating but, being fully disgusted, I couldn’t do it and left everything there.

Perhaps you cannot swallow something that you consider disgusting. And you hold yourself somehow responsible for this situation as it was you (maybe) that washed the salad.

Dream No. 222

I was in the square of a little town which is familiar to me. Another person had found out that by pushing a certain part of the wall of some ruins, the door rotated and it was possible to get inside. There were riches or anyway most interesting things inside. I tried to do the same, to push the correct part. As a matter of fact I managed to open and there were riches inside, nice things that I took.

Ruins represent our own personal past, not the hystorical one. The dreamer has discovered that he can find riches or anyway most interesting things.
This attitude to our own past is the one that gradually develops as analysis goes on. In fact at the beginning of an analysis and for a long while soon after, patients feel to have "dirty" and dangerous things inside, anyway things that must be avoided.
As this discovery (valuable things) is made, analysis goes on much faster since the refusal to get in contact with unpleasant things is replaced by a desire of becoming the owner of the riches that can be found "down there".

Dream No. 223

With his renal pelvis my son was twisting one of those circles as used by girls to play or to perform gym exercises. I disliked it as it was a female thing. He was playing and was looking happy but I thought that he might be taken for a woman, an homosexual.
Later on I noticed that my son was chased by a group of persons. I cannot remember if they were kidding him or even hiting him. They were crossed with him as they thought that he was "queer". I got angry and ran after them. I stopped them saying that my son was not "queer", I wanted them to meet and talk to him to convince them. Apparently I succeeded in arranging this meeting.

Apparently the father is afraid that his son may be considered a homosexual but, in actual facts, his own fear at the same age as his son’s is coming up here. His fear has not completely disappeared for he is having this dream now, as an adult.
Incidentally: the fear of being homosexual is much stronger in men than in women. Maybe because "RECEIVING inside" is experienced as a down-grade by men while the possibility of "PUTTING inside" is experienced as an up-grade by women.
This assumption is confirmed by the rather odd fact that men usually consider homosexual only the one playing the woman’s role in a couple. And the above dream makes no exception to this.

Dream No. 224

Published as received:

Please excuse me if I bother you but I was given your address by the news group dealing with dream.
Well, there is a problem troubling me, a frequently recurrent dream. I was told that it might be a problem dating back to my birth, my delivery, but I was born in a natural way and I did not suffer!
I thank you beforehand for your patience.
Best regards.

I dream of being in a lift to go up to the third floor but the lift does not stop, on the contrary it gets up to the roof, doors open and nothing is underneath, there is no floor, I can see a bent stair-well and I notice I am not in the building where I took the lift.
I am stiffly scared but the lift never falls, it is hanging in the air held by wires!

In my opinion your delivery and birth have nothing to do with this dream. Anybody who followed me so far knows that a lift symbolizes the connection between consciousness (above) and unconsciousness (below).
When a lift acts this way in a dream, it indicates a fear of losing control over the flow of material that tends to emerge from the unconscious. We order it to stop at the third floor but it DOES NOT OBEY and it goes on up to the roof.
Consciousness would like an exchange to take place at the conditions and following the timescale it dictates but this does not happen. So it gets scared and draws back.

The whole dream is marked with a feeling of danger (there is no floor) and bewilderment (I am not in the building where I took the lift). That’s why many persons are afraid of their own unconscious and refuse to poke their nose into it.
But… gold too is "down there"...
In any case, there is a reassuring note in the dream, the lift never falls. One can be sure, however, that the dreamer’s attention will not be attracted by this detail!

(For the lift symbol, please refer also to Dreams No. 3, 90, 91, 92, 101, 106, 144).

Dream No. 225

I am in my daughter’s room and she is there too. Suddendly I see that the building in front of us is bending, it is about to collapse and will kill us. It leans against our building, I think that the walls will not hold its weight and shortly our house will crumble. So I rush out with my daughter and we run towards the sea.
From there I look at my house, I expect it to collapse but apparently this does not happen despite the weight of the building leaning against it.

Once again the catastrophical forecast is belied by real facts. It is as if the dream said: "Look, you get scared more than it is necessary".
Most likely this excessive fear is originated by the fact that we react to some emotions as if we were still 3-4-5 years old. Involved emotions, in fact, almost always date back to that period and as we repressed them we had no possibility of digesting them.
The dreamer’s daughter may represent either the real daughter and the dreamer herself when she was her daughter’s age. The second assumption is confirmed by the fact that, at the time of this dream, very strong emotions dating back to the time the dreamer was 3-4-5 years old were coming up.
When a patient gets in contact with those emotions, again he/she, like a child, feels that he/she will be overwhelmed but this never happens if the analyst knows how to dose the process of establishing the contact.
Such a dream reassures a patient thousands times more than all possible reassuring words a therapist may say.


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