Dreams and relevant interpretation I suggest

(Dreams No. 226-to-250)

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Dream No. 226

I take the highway driving my Mercedes car and I want to check how much fuel I will consume. As a matter of fact I have installed a moped engine on my Mercedes to save fuel but I am rather doubtful as regards car efficiency.
It will surely run at a slower speed but for how long can it go on like that?

At a superficial examination this dream might give the impression that it deals with a praiseworthy intention such as saving. After a more careful look, instead, the nature of the dream message is completely different.
On the Mercedes in fact rather than a smaller car engine a MOPED engine is installed, that is the engine of a smaller vehicle than a scooter!
Furthermore, the consumption test is not cautiously carried out on a short stretch of road but straight on a HIGHWAY!
These two details reveal that the dreamer’s test in INADEQUATE and INCAUTIOUS up to becoming RIDICOLOUS.

The dream might lead to think that the dreamer wishes to appear a rich man without having the relevant means but this is not true. In a certain sense it is even worse. In fact, the dream does not say that the Mercedes owner does not have the money to buy petrol, therefore he is COMPELLED to install a moped engine to save money. The dream says that he WANTS to save. This enables us to understand that although he owns means to live as a rich man, he is conditioned by the typical mental schemes of poor people. Somebody thinking as a poor man will never be able to live as a rich man, even if he has the necessary money to do it. This is the point to be solved!
The positive side is that the dreamer starts to be doubtful as to the possibility of going on with that kind of life. He is even prepared to accept to run more slowly but he wonders for how long a time.
A car symbolizes the dreamer’s personality and like this it serves two scopes: MOVING and APPEARING to the eyes of the others (status symbol).
It is obvious that the solution of the problem is not to start squandering one’s money….

Dream No. 227

Published as received:

Hi Romano,

.... I will be grateful if you can interpret my dream, in fact I was rather upset… I am puzzled at the fact that I can perfectly remember every single detail including places and dates. In fact my brother has actually planned to go up to the mountain next Friday, that is on June 18th, 1999, and come back the following Sunday.
Please let me know. Thank you. Ciao.

I am in the house of my neighbour, a boy with whom I used to play in the afternoon during my childhood. I am in the kitchen, together with his grandparents (they are dead now) and other persons including his parents. All of a sudden I can feel the earth shaking. I look out of the window and I see buildings that start oscillating like the branches of a tree. I draw near the wall of the house, more exactly near a corner (the most resistant point of the frame) and stare at the people that are getting panicky.
I look at the buildings again and I see them still oscillating and falling down to pieces one after the other while the earth doesn’t stop shaking….

The scene changes.

I walk out and make for my house which is 20-30 meters away. I meet my brother and my cousin (I usually go out with them) that have just made an earlier return from the mountain, from my grandparents’ native little town where we own an inherited house. They tell me that they came back earlier (on Saturday afternoon) because they heard what happened (they were expected to return on Sunday evening). Nothing had collapsed nor been destroyed up in the mountain, in Cadore (Northern Italy)..

As it is, from far, I can only give an absolutely generic interpretation, equal to Dream No. 208 and I suggest that you read it again. I know, you will be disappointed but what can I do?

I have published this dream, and I will publish some more of them, to give an idea of the inexhaustible variety of forms through which the unconscious may get at consciousness level.

Dream No. 228

Published as received:




After publishing this dream, the relevant sender addressed the following message to me:

If possible, I would kindly ask you not to publish my dream in your Dreams’ Showcase or to remove it in case you have already done so. Even if it is absolutely anonimous. I will be obliged.

I have no problem in eliminating this dream but I would take this opportunity to emphasize what I have already stated in the page "Before starting off": There will be no "private" dream interpretation by e-mail.

It is evident that not all visitors read that page. Or, in case they do, they immediately forget it.

Dream No. 229

I was out with other adult persons, I was about 30 years old. Two boys started to quarrel and fight. From their build they seemed to be three-four of age but they seemed much older from the way they acted and from the expression of their face.
No one of the people that was there attempted to stop them and I too was only looking at them. I was sorry but I did not interfere.
At a certain point, one of the boys shove the other one to ground, pulled out a knife and started to deliberately cut the skin of his legs. Every knife stroke was slow and purposely hit. Cuts were very accurate, one next to the other but no one of them was lethal…
I was angry and disgusted by what I saw but, instead of separating the two boys with my hands, I took an over 3 meter long rod and used it to push the boy with the knife away from the other boy: I wanted neither to touch him nor stay near him, I was afraid of him.

I had this dream soon after receiving a letter from one of my sisters giving me news about one of my brothers, one year older than me, with whom I used to fight when I was a boy and that today, in my opinion, has become a person absolutely indifferent to the feelings of other persons. I think he is a strongly dominant character.

The dreamer was grown up in an Anglo-Saxon environment, therefore a SELF-CONTROL pattern was obsessively suggested to him. As a result, only as an adult and thanks to a psychotherapy he succeeds in bringing to light all the aggressiveness he felt with regard to one of his brothers. For the time being feelings are emerging at dream level, but this is the first step and the most difficult one to be made.
The very way he GETS IN CONTACT with his own aggressiveness proves that this is the most difficult step: he uses an over 3 meter long rod!!! And he uses it to PUSH AWAY the violent boy, he doesn’t want to touch him, he is afraid of him!
Let’s stop and consider that the concerned person is a 30 years old man who is afraid of a 3-4 year boy. This is unbelievable, something does not fit. It is evident that the man does not fear the boy but rather the aggressiveness he represents, his own aggressiveness as he felt it when he was the same age as this boy.

In these cases, many times patients say: "But I have always known that I did not enjoy a good relationship with my brother/sister. There is nothing unconscious in all this".
Even if this is almost always true, the STRENGTH of one’s resentment stays at unconscious level: one thing is to know that we never enjoyed a good relationship with our brother/sister and a completely different matter is to become aware that we wished to treat them in the same way as a boy treated the other boy!
It could be added that during the dream no adult separates the two fighting boys. This might mean that the dreamer never felt protected by his parents from the violent-cruel-sadistic drives that were emerging from his inner part (in this regard see Dream No. 183).

Dream No. 230

Published as received:

Hi Romano,
I am thouing you right away seeing that you prefer a friendly approach and also because sailors always thou each other. I am a sailor too, both for my pleasure and for a true "psychological" need!
I have a recurrent dream to submit to your attention. Let me foretell that I am a "mole" and wear contact lenses. Why do I insist wearing contact lenses? Maybe do I want to see clearly even at inside level?
I have read and still read many books about psychology and look forward to reading your comments on your site.
You are smart and your site is interesting indeed! Have a nice work. Thank you.

P.S. Do not answer me at this address as it is my office address……!

I often dream of removing or wearing contact lenses that are broken, split, oversize for my eyes, or that are made of various thin flaky layers thus allowing me to have more than one set available…..

You look at the world and life in a way that you consider inadequate, therefore you make many attempts to modify it but without success.
Furthermore, as you have to look at the world through an artificial instrument (lenses), you wish to have more than one set available. This makes you feel safer and calm.
You do not say if the multi-layer lenses are equal one to the other or are of different kind. In the latter case the meaning would be different: you would like to be able to consider things under various viewpoints.

Dream No. 85 refers to a similar subject. It might be worthy reading it again.

After publishing the above interpretation, I received the following message:

I thank you very much for your answer to my dream dealing with contact lenses. I wish to specify that usually the new layers originating from the original lens are too big, even oversize in respect of the dimensions of my eyes but somehow I always manage to fit them in.
I have read Dream No. 85 again as you suggested and I came to the conclusion that my unconscious is trying to suggest that I modify my way of "looking" at things. But how?
It might substancially be my fear of growing that I try to conceal someway by postponing some decisions (such as my wedding, etc.) to a generic tomorrow.

Again many thanks and have a good wind.

It seems to me that the answer to your question is to be found in the sentence specifying the meaning of your dream that, on the other hand, was already present in the first description: "… the new layers originating from the original lens are even OVERSIZE in respect of the dimensions of my eyes".
You force yourself to look at things under a viewpoint that does not reflect your objective capacity of viewing. You seem to compel yourself to live an artificially ENFLATED life versus your real needs. This might not be your behaviour in your concrete everyday’s life but it might be the way you behave at expectation or imagination level. The ensuing status of discontent pushes you to often change your "lenses". One way or the other you always manage to do it but lenses are never the right that is the final ones, so you start all over again making another attempt.
In conclusion I wouldn’t say that your unconscious is suggesting that you modify the way you look at things. It rather seems to draw your attention to the fact that you keep modifying your way of viewing but you always do it by "forcing yourself with some violence" in respect of your real needs.

One feature of immaturity consists of wishing to climb Everest and, consequently, despising-refusing to go for a walk to the countryside on Sundays.

Of course, this wish is not always indicative of immaturity. In some people, in fact, it is joined to a strong determination and an iron will.
How can we understand the class we belong to? Often this can be made only "a posteriori" that is when Everest was actually climbed. If, on the contrary, all we do is "to wish" climbing Everest…well…! Anyway even those who actually climb Everest don’t do it all at a time, success is gradually reached, maybe starting just with some walks in the countryside…:-)

Dream No. 85 is analogous to yours, not identical. Its message, therefore, does not entirely apply to your case.

Dream No. 231

Some down had grown on the floor. I tried to remove it but it always slipped forward, I never managed to get hold of it.

It is the usual "dirt" that many times we met in previous dreams. In this case dirt is on the floor that is on a SUPPORTING surface, therefore on a structure having primary importance.
In compensation, it is a light dirt, only some down.
The dreamer does her best to eliminate it but she fails. This feeling is sometimes felt during an analysis, namely everything is useless and nothing changes.

Dream No. 232

I get up one morning and in my living room I see a spider’s web which is enormous in size and mainly in solidity.

A comparison with the previous dream shows that a much greater dirt is here.
Analysis will require more work and a longer time.
Working hypothesis: a spider’s web is involved; a spider spins a web; a spider can be often associated to the winding and paralyzing behaviour of a mother.

Dream No. 233

There is a bathtub. Water is coming out of the tap and is about to flood the floor. Two children are with me, a boy and a girl. I tell them: "Close the tap otherwise water floods" but children do not obey and water starts to pour down. In this disaster I discover that water makes no damages as it goes towards some steps channelling it out.

The bathtub and the bathroom as a unit represent an analysis because they are the places of the house where we get rid of dirt. Water symbolizes emotions, as we know.
First thing to be noticed, the amout of water. It is neither a seaquake nor a flooding, the quantity of water being only that delivered by a tap, that is a little amount. Furthermore it is channelled out through some steps, without causing great damages.
The conclusion is that the upcoming emotions are not very strong. What seemed to be a "disaster" shows to be a simple accident with no serious consequences.
The two children indicate that the involved emotions refer to the childhood of both the dreamer and her single brother with whom she still has rather an awkward relationship.

Dreams No. 234, 235, 236, 237

Published as received:

Hi Romano,
I am V… We exchanged some e-mail messages some time ago. Now I am writing you on behalf of a close friend of mine who would like to have your opinion on the following dreams. The first one dates back to one year ago, the others appeared one after the other in a three-month span of time.

I hope you can give us some advice. Thanks.


234. I see an antique carriage with two men sitting on it and talking each other. Behind them they carry a towed pram with two extremely ugly children that I imagine are their sons although I am not sure because they are two men. Children are crying and screaming but their parents do not seem to pay attention to them. They get at their flat, a nice house with a large glass window from which the road can be seen. While they get inside the house it starts raining and they leave the children outside paying no attention to the fact that they are crying and they are wet through. I would scold those men as in my opinion they didn’t do the right thing but I notice that they live in a different world, in fact they pay no attention to suffering and keep enjoying themselves.

The few elements in my hands allow me to make only a very fragile hypothesis, to be thoroughly checked: the carriage is antique so the dream refers to the past. The two men represent a couple of parents where the role of the mother is played by a woman endowed with not too much femininity.
They are well off people but they take no care of their children: they are in the carriage but they only TOW their children that is they leave them BEHIND and, mainly, they leave them OUTSIDE the door, taking no care of the fact that they are crying and wet through.
They are fully detached from their sons, they even live in a different world. Their indifference couldn’t be greater, they can be happy even if suffering is around them, they don’t even see it.
Your girl friend shouldn’t have had a too happy childhood. And now she cannot even get the satisfaction of causing senses of guilt to grow in her parents by scolding them for what they did, or did not, at the time of her childhood. In fact they are elsewhere under
the emotional viewpoint, we could say that they don’t even see her!

235.  I am in a house that I know is inhabited by some devils that kill, slaughter and torture. I know that there is a family and the parents were already killed. I must save a nearly 3 years old child. I go up the first flight of stairs and I see a devil (they can be distinguished by their impressive outlook, their look and personality. Physically speaking they are human beings), so I hide in the shower box which is just there and, in a most natural way, I turn the water tap open and take a shower fully dressed. One of them draws the curtain and I get angry. While he draws the curtain I notice that the previous devil is looking at me from above and is trying to inform his colleague that I too should be killed.
However I manage to get out of the shower box and grasp the child’s hand, I start running towards the exit knowing that devils are after me. I feel I managed to be safe, I get my breath back and leave the child’s hand free, the child finds a rattle and starts making noise. I would like to abandon the child that does not help me, instead I drag him out….on turning back I see the devils coming out of the house searching me but I know that I am safe together with the child. I wake up.

A house represents the dreamer’s personality and devils symbolize the "evil" drives troubling inside us, let’s repeat it for the sake of those who haven’t read what I have already written.
In this case, considering the previous dream, it is not difficult to imagine which drives might be involved: a daughter treated like that, which emotional reaction can she have to her parents? It is a rhetorical question, of course.
The fact that devils are nothing else than OUR DRIVES is confirmed by their having a HUMAN outlook, as confirmed also by the following dream.
The attempt to HIDE in the shower box and take a shower fully DRESSED might induce to think of a psychotherapy that was started with the aim of DISGUISING one’s inner conflicts rather than laying them BARE.
This too may happen, one should not be surprised but the outcome of such a therapy can be easily imagined…

236.  Same house as in Dream No. 235, with the same "human" devils. This time I am outside, I can see the house from the outside, it is a lonely house. I open the door and get inside trying to pretend to be one of them in order to be able to warn the house inhabitants of the danger and allow them to get away. I come across a devil and in a natural way I tell him that I am going out for a walk but when I am outside I understand that he did not believe me so I start running until I reach a wharf where I have to go downstairs and jump on a boat to save myself. While I am going downstairs I see the devil having nearly reached me and I wake up.

Variation on the same theme. Your girl friend fools herself if she tries to be clever with these emotions, that is if she thinks she can avoid them by using some tricks instead of facing them and recognizing what they actually are.

237. Same house, with the same devils. Approaching it I find out that there is a lonely child, his parents have gone away.
In his attempt to escape in order to prevent his parents from coming back in the house, the child comes across two female devils in the mansard of the house. At that point I know that the child is held prisoner. I get inside the house pretending to be a devil and I immediately meet one of the women who is asking a person I cannot see: "How long does cooking take?".
I am taken aback and ask: "What, you have already placed him in the oven, couldn’t you wait?".
I wake up with the unpleasant feeling that I was unable to save the child.

This dream cannot be interpreted immediately, it needs a much deeper work that cannot be made through mere e-mail messages.
I notice, however, that your friend is taken aback more by the readiness in placing the child in the oven than by the very fact of placing a child in the oven.
This means something, it’s sure, but I am unable to say what it is.

Thank you, Romano, for the hint you offered to our consideration.
We were taken "aback" when you pointed out that astonishment was more caused by the readiness of the action than by the fact of roasting a child.
We have talked at length about the possibility of learning how to find horror "natural" if this is the only oxygen we can breathe.
Many thanks again and have a nice work…an update on my studies: I have passed 11 examinations and my average score is over 30, not bad, isn’t it?

No doubt you are on the right way. Go on and best wishes

Dream No. 238

After many years I meet again the girl-friend of my earlier days G… (she was my first girl-friend; we were very close since I was about five of age; I remember she was rather ugly…I also remember that together with a cousin of hers we used to play as doctor and nurses and I felt sexual excitement).
Now I have a thoroughly different woman in front of me. She is slim, now she has straight hair, she wears make-up, she is nicely dressed and carefully hairdressed…

The girl-friend of the earlier days is but the dreamer’s childhood, with all the senses of guilt deriving from prohibited sexual games. In fact, in her memory she was always "rather ugly", her girl-friend and her childhood. Now her outlook has completely changed, there has been a basic change and in an thoroughly positive direction.

Is it hazardous thinking that this is the result of the accomplished analysis?

Dream No. 239

I dreamt that I placed my hands inside a garbage bag (the black plastic ones, as used in Italy). It was brand new and I extracted some absolutely white paper sheets out of it, they too were brand new.

In the page "Before starting off" I wrote: "…. I will also report dreams preannouncing a not agreed upon psychotherapy interruption".
Here is one of those dreams. And the reason for the interruption is indicated as well: the refusal to get in contact with "dirty" things. Everything is new and uncontaminated. Too new and too uncontaminated, so much as to immediately seem unbelievable. Why should some brand new and absolutely white paper sheets be in the place where, usually, only dirty things or rubbish are?

The analysis had already shown that this person (in perfectly good faith, of course) did his best to deny the unpleasant and disappointing sides of his personality and to try and replace them with the relevant opposite positive sides. To make an example, he claimed that he had always been the sentimental and economic SUPPORT of the women of his life while analysis showed that exactly the opposite was true, that he was looking for protection and safety, both sentimental and economic, from his women! Also his profession contributed to make his psychotherapy course terribly complicated. He was a manager and we all know that managers are expected to SOLVE PROBLEMS.
It is therefore very difficult for them to accept the idea that they are unable to solve their own problems!!! For them it is even more difficult than for other persons to establish a contact with those aspects of their own personality that might jeopardize their efficiency image from which the success of their career depends.

Dream No. 240

Published as received:

My compliments for your site!

I often happen to dream of picking up five-hundred lire coins from ground. I start picking up one and then I find another one, their number increases and it goes on always like that.

I look forward to your interpretation. Again my best compliments.
Kind regards.

See dream No. 185 for interpretation.

In this case it is specified that they are five-hundred lire coins. Now, the peculiar feature of this Italian coin is a yellow disk placed at the center that might represent the SUN that is a male and fatherly symbol.
Should this be the case, this dream would be more complete and balanced than Dream No. 185 as only the EARTH-MOTHER was there.

Dream No. 241

I am in a square and I see the owner of the company that carried out the rearrangement works in my mother-in-law’s building passing by. As works were poorly executed and not even completed (this happened also in real life), I decide to ask for the reasons of these inconveniences.

When I read this dream, the first consideration that came to my mind was: "The involved patient thinks that I (the analyst-owner of the rearrangement company) am responsible both for the delays being experienced in her analysis and for its unsatisfactory running. Later, however, the dreamer verbally explains to me that the responsibility for the poorly executed works was not to be ascribed to the company’s owner but to the inconveniences-problems originated by some authorizations that failed to be issued or were issued after a long delay.Furthermore, when she decides to go and talk to the owner, she does so with the intent of finding the quickiest way to resume works and not with the intent of "complaining".
Now we can understand that the dream represents the delaying effect that "resistances" (authorizations that failed to be issued or were issued after a long delay) produce on a psychotherapy course.
The mother-in-law has nothing to do with the meaning of the dream, she was chosen only because in real life she suffered the inconvenience of poorly executed works. Any other person with the same characteristic would have been suited to the purpose.

Dream No. 242

Published as received:

Hi Romano,
how are you? I do not know if you remember me, I am M…, we were in touch last Easter …I am writing you to thank you again for your nice site and for all the new dreams you have added and to tell you a dream I had a couple of nights ago.
(Real life: I left the university and am looking for a job).
Thank you for listening to me again. Do not worry if you cannot include my dream in you Dreams’ Showcase, I understand that you receive tons of them… Thank you anyway.
Hi, have a nice summer!

Here is my dream.

I am going down a very steep and narrow ladder that in real life leads to a dreary room filled with masonry debris, but in my dream it is rearranged, now there is a beautiful green floor, walls are painted with a soft yellow color, flowers are everywhere even on the handrail of the ladder; there is a beautiful bright and suffused light irradiating from hidden lamps.
I perceive all the physical symptoms of the fear of going downstairs; I suffer from vertigoes and am clasping the handrail jerkily, my stomack stings and my hands are wet with sweat, my foot refuses to come off a step to go down to the next one. I do not feel distress, only amazement as I never suffered from vertigoes in my life.
I keep saying to myself not to look down but it seems that there is no other place to look at…
Down there a girl is sweeping that beautiful floor, picking up dust and petals. She wears a pale green apron, she must be an attendant or a clerk.
She looks at me while I am hesitating on the ladder but she must be accustomed to people suffering from vertigoes when going downstairs as she politely makes no comments and continues sweeping.
When she finishes, I notice that her broom is actually a big hair-brush, the kind with a flat head, having a nice dark red color. I strongly wish to have it and I like it because of its flat head, it is just the sort of hair-brush suited to me: I like beating boys with this sort of objects….

In a marvellous way this dream expresses the double effect produced by the prospect of a descent to the unconscious (going downstairs): fear-vertigo and, at the same time, attraction, irresistible almost hypnotic fascination (it seems that there is no other place to look at…).
Also the room-unconscious is seen in two opposite ways: at conscious level it is dreary and filled with masonry debris. In the dream, on the contrary, it has all the characteristics of a very beautiful and comfortable place, even flowers are everywhere. It is evident that the dreamer has a poor opinion of her unconscious and its content. She has no idea of how many valuable things she owns "down there".
A girl with a broom-brush is in charge of keeping the room-unconscious clean and tidy. This is likely to be the combination of female and male endowments (the broom being an evident phallic symbol) as seen by collective imagination, that is EMOTIONS-INTUITION and RATIONALITY.

The dreamer admires the brush and would very much like to have it. It might mean that she envies the male rational reasoning and would like to have it in order to use it against them. In a word, a sort of satisfaction-revenge.
As a brush is used to make hair tidy and hair represents the remainder of animal nature in men (hair being the remainder of fleece), this object confirms the interpretation given with regard to the broom, namely RATIONALITY tidying EMOTIONS that are considered scarcely noble-spiritual.

Please forgive my narcissism. After this interpreation I received the following message:

Tonight I visited your site and found my dream. Thank you.
Gosh! What a sharp mind!  :-)
You are right, I always wanted to be a man. I think I am a disguised woman  :-)
Apart from my jokes, again many thanks and best compliments. It is a highly good job to make people feel happy and those who do so are smart people!


I take this excellent opportunity to point out a behaviour which is common to everyone telling me his/her dreams: when my interpretation "hits the nail on the head", as in this case, the dreamer is induced by instinct to admire only the sharpness of MY mind without giving the least consideration (as he/she doesn’t see it) to HIS/HER unconscious to which, on the contrary, most of the merit should be ascribed. As a matter of fact, the unconscious actually made up the dream thus showing its amazing capacity for understanding problems and synthesizing them in a few very meaningful images.
After all, if I am clever, my cleverness consists of TRANSLATING. The author of the message deserves the greater reward!
I am saying this to stress that we own an incredible resource that we usually waste as we ignore that we own it. We submit to live in a furnished bedsit although we own a villa with a park and a swimming pool… :-(

Dream No. 243

Published as received:

I am in the workshop (car repairer’s) where I used to work some years ago and I am busy in removing some rusty parts from a truck and replace them with new ones. I carefully look at the work to be done and I notice that the damage is so great that I will have to replace also the relevant supporting frame.
I ask my boss (he died 7 years ago) where I can find an angle iron for the door opening that I have to weld and he points at a drawer where he usually places them. I ask a few more information because, seven years having elapsed since I left that job, I am not familiar with all the changes that were made in the meantime. Then all drawers are shown to me and I take note of the modifications and rearrangements made while I was away. I look for the angle iron I need but I cannot find it.
In my dream there is the same typical stress as when I have to make a job and I am grasped by an anxiety to lose no time and get at a conclusion.
I prepare the parts to be welded in replacement of those I cut, then I start the very work but, when I try to weld the parts, the iron does not properly cast, as if the bottom to which it should adhere was rotten thus hindering the correct casting process.
Later on I plan to take advantange of being in the workshop to get the settlement of an old account relating to some unpaid working hours of my discontinuous work in that workshop.

To understand the meaning of this dream it is necessary to foretell that some months before the dreamer sent me another dream (that I could not interpret) and, amongst other things, he wrote:

"Apart from reading your interesting site or asking for your opinion, I wonder how a common mortal can get a greater satisfaction from interpreting his own…dreams.
Can you indicate some books or a course or a school that could help me to approach this reality…?

In other words, this person showed to be interested in the DO IT YOURSELF practice in the dream interpretation field. Consequently I had suggested that he read some books, making however two points clear:

"… usually I do not like to suggest reading books on this subjects as often this might results in a dangerous illusion to be able to do without a true psychotherapy".

"Interpreting one’s own dreams is not impossible, in principle. S. Freud succeeded in doing so, for example, but it is necessary to have at least three things: 1) A natural inclination to understand the language of images. 2) A long practice in this type of work. 3). An ability not to allow one’s own "resistances" to block oneself (in the technical sense of the term). And the latter is perhaps the greatest difficulty".

These were the antecedents, and these were my answers to the enquiry as to the DO IT YOURSELF.

I wouln’d stake my life on it, of course, but most likely my words failed to convince the concerned person. Now, the above dream conveys an answer coming straight from the dreamer’s unconscious. And it is an inequivocal answer. Now tergiversating or denying the evidence will be quite a hard job. Let’s see why.

Vehicles in general (therefore also a truck, as in this dream) represent the MOVING function of our personality, our capacity for moving in our life.
The workshop-car repairer’s represents the place where a car (a personality) that suffered a damages is repaired. The attempt to repair the damage with one’s own hands represents the DO IT YOURSELF wish. Maybe with the assistance of a true technician (the car repairer’s owner) but this is a secondary, not determinant help. In fact, the only thing the dreamer asks the car repairer’s owner is where he can find the iron part he needs for his repair, and nothing else.

The end of the dream shows that sometimes the unconscious can see much more and much better than conscious mind. The latter was persuaded that the repair could be self-made, without asking for major and final help from the outside and which result did it obtain? The final sentence of the dream tells us:

"… when I try to weld the parts, the iron does not properly cast, as if the bottom to which it should adhere was rotten thus hindering the correct casting process".

Welding is defective because the "new" part does not properly cast with the "old" parts as it should do. And this happens because the bottom is rotten, which means that the attempt to repair the damage was made on a too limited area of the personality, without previously removing all the "old" parts that were to be discarded being rotten.

There are also other things in the dream but only the core message is being considered here above.

After this interpretation, the dreamer wrote to me as follows:

…. certainly a wise and true remark which is however poorly encouraging for anybody who, like me, wishes to draw something out of his own dreams.

I understand your dejection and your disappointment but that’s the meaning of the dream. There is nothing I can do about it.
At any rate, one thing is cleaning the spark plugs of one’s car, and another thing is refacing valves. I can manage to clean spark plugs by myself. For the other work I go to a car repairman.
I could try to make it myself but I would obtain the same result as you obtained in your dream… :-(((

….. I seem to understand that my dream shows…my difficulty in matching the "new" and the "old" parts together

No. Your dreams points out something different. It sets your eyes open. It says that you are persuaded you can REPAIR your damages BY YOURSELF and you try to do it. But it doesn’t work. It does not work because you failed to dig deep enough, you did not remove all the rotten parts that were to be eliminated.
In such conditions, any attempt to weld a new piece on a rotten bottom can only fail. Adopting the same car repairer’s metaphor as your dream used, it is somewhat like fooling oneself that a coat of paint could solve the problem of a rusted bodywork.

A clarification is appropriate here: your dream does not mean that you are actually "rusted-rotten". It means that you think that you are rusted-rotten. Why? I do not know and you too are likely to ignore it, at conscious level. It could be found out (and eliminated) only through a combined work between you and a "repairman".

….although I must admit that the lack of a fatherly figure (my father died a few months after my birth) conditions my trend to find my way out by myself and not to trust any deputy father.
I also believe that my above trend is at the basis of unsolved unconscious conflicts.
Of course I am willing to make a deeper analysis, perhaps on-line, at the terms you will indicate. My heartfelt thanks alongwith my wish for a happy day.

The trend to find one’s way out by oneself is a tremendous resource in life. Those who own it are lucky! But there are limits. Would you have your wife deliver your babies by herself? Would you have your tonsils out by yourself? Would you dive by yourself?

With regard to your proposal to make an on-line depeer analysis of unconscious conflicts, unfortunately I must tell you that it is not feasible. It would be too long to explain reasons here, so I ask you to take my word for it. Ah, ah, ah! :-)

I reciprocate your wish. Ciao, Romano.

Dream No. 244

In a land I owned I discovered an area fully covered with ancient and valuable ruins: they were side by side, even stacked up. I realized that they were very antique, even Egyptian. Several bushes had covered them so far, that’s why I had not noticed them. I was happy.

As ancient ruins represent our past and as until that moment the dreamer had a very poor self-esteem in his real life, the dream indicates his new different way of looking at himself. Now he realizes that he too owns valuable things, abilities and resources.
It is to be noticed that it is a "discovery", those endowments were inside himself even before but he had not noticed them because they were hidden. Which is even worse than not having them at all.

The golden mine of dreams….!

Dream No. 245

Published as received:

I would like to know how I can get rid of a dream which has been haunting me in the last twenty years. Usually my sleep is troubled by many things but recurrence of this dream dates back to no less than 20 years. I hope you can suggest an interpretation for it.
Many thanks.

I am walking along a sort of corridor. It is similar to those shown in documentaries on catacombs or Egyptian pyramids, long, narrow and low.
At a certain point of my walk, to go further on I am compelled to let myself down a narrow and twisted opening that I am not sure I will be able to pass through on my way back.
I start going cautiously down, placing one foot after the other to avoid falling but, just when I am mid-way (or I have already gone past it and I realize that I cannot go up again), I wake up feeling that I can no longer breathe. There is not enough air to stay longer and think about what to do to solve the problem. At the end of the tunnel I believe there is a room that I should reach but, as far as I can remember, I could never get to see it.

There is an infallible way to get free from a recurrent dream: becoming aware of the message embodied in the dream. In this case, the trip inside yourself, in the unconscious part of your psyche (corridor-catacombs-pyramids) is involved.
You feel you have (or wish) to make this journey but, at the same time, you are afraid as it appears to be a task entailing discomfort and very serious dangers, lack of breathing air, no time to find ways out, even the possibility of coming back is at risk.
I would say that you are almost ready for an analyis grounded on dream interpretation. It is not the same thing as going for a walk, of course, but it is neither such a dramatic and risky task as described in your dream. In addtion, bear in mind that in the room you should reach you can find valuable and beautiful things. See previous dream.

Dreams No. 246, 247, 248

Published as received:

my name is F….and last night I had the following three dreams.
Please, suggest a meaning to these dreams as on a book I read that they are not nice dreams.
I thank you in advance for your attention. Please note that my e-mail address is…..
Best regards.

246.  I am swimming in the sea together with my partner, water is clear and transparent. I am afraid however that jelly-fishes or something else might be in the sea (I was actually stung a little time ago).
Later on we come out of water, we want to plunge but I notice that the sea is full of strange fishes, perhaps morays (one week ago I dreamt of a sea infested with morays, one jumped out of water and stung my hand).
Then the two of us together are in a sort of torrent, stream is carrying us and the water is warm.

247.  I am sleeping in my bed, I wake up and start viewing some beatles, I try to find out where they come from and I notice a hole on the ceiling from which they came. The flat above mine can be seen through the hole. My flat owner with whom I am at law appears, she does not live there and she greets me very nicely and friendly.

248.  I am on a trip with various persons including my colleagues. It is evening time and there is also my boss’ wife that tells us: "It is 7.30 p.m., go and get ready as we are having dinner shortly".
I go upstairs to my room, I am about to have a shower and I notice that my feet are dirty with soil.

Jelly-fishes, morays, beatles, soil-dirty feet. All these symbols reveal that you have the unconscious sensation that your inside emotional contents are dangerous, disgusting and "dirty". In some way that your dream does not specify, everything is connected to your partner.
You are carried by the warm water of the torrent: maybe you are tied by a strong passional bond that you feel is dragging you.
Your being at law with your flat owner might represent a strong disagreement with the motherly figure. Also the wife of the boss is an additional reference to the figure of the mother. More specifically you think: "My mother greatly values respectability and "presentableness" (in fact, she says: go and GET READY for dinner) therefore I must get rid of my "dirt" (soil on your feet) if I wish to come up to her expectations". In other words, you strongly contest the values your mother transmitted to you but at the same time you have adopted her respectability assessment criteria, or you have not completely got rid of them yet.

Dream No. 249

I am with a colleague of mine (a resolute, bold and plucky fellow). We are watching an old country house which is completely ruined, with no roof, windows and partition walls. Only the outer walls are still there. While I am watching it I think that an enormous work will be required to refurbish it and I also think that this work is to be done.

The interpretation of this dream is very much similar to Dream No. 62.

An additonal element here is the figure of the RESOLUTE, BOLD AND PLUCKY colleague representing the model of personality-house that will replace the old one. The characteristics of the female dreamer, in fact, are just the opposite of her colleague’s and she would like to become as he is.
Once she is free from the blocks that hindered her growing adult, she will certainly be successful because she owns all the necessary ingredients for such a personality.
I would add that up to the time of this dream, the analysis of this person was characterized by an exasperating and continuous impatience. She kept claiming results in an vexating way, she expected the grape-harvesting to come without working in the vineyard. Now, on the contrary, there is a change in her attitude, she understands that the aimed result depends on the work she will be able to accomplish. She thinks that an enormous work is required but she is aware she will have to do it.

This dream marks the change from the childish attitude of somebody expecting everything ready to the adult attitude of somebody who goes to the kitchen and starts working at preparing his food.

Dream No. 250

Published as received:

Dear Mr. Badiali,
I am a married woman,… of age, and I have two sons. I am sending you the story of a dream I had a few nights ago and I would appreciate your opinion.
Best regards.

I was in the open air, in a field, with my two sons (a boy and a girl) and suddenly I noticed a dog that was chasing us with the intent of biting us. I was terrified. The dog after reaching us bit my son and, as a consequence of the dog’s bite, my son took the horrible looks of a dog. It was terrible. In spite of his metamorphosis my son was able to talk and was asking me for help, he wanted me to do something for him but I could not make up my mind. In fact, I thought of taking him to the hospital within the least delay but I was afraid that when explaining what happened nobody would believe my story.

First of all I suggest that you read the interpretation of Dream No. 151 as on that occasion I gave a brief explanation of the PROJECTION mechanism on which your dream might be grounded too.
In case this is correct, this means that you have some unconscious reasons to be crossed with your son. Only an analysis could bring to light the nature of this reason.
The meaning of the dream might be different from the one I suggest but, in my opinion, this is unlikely to be, anyway, should this be the case, I am unable to provide any useful hint.

A mother crossed with his son. It may seem absurd and incredible, but sometimes it happens.
I suggest that you read also the following dream.


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