Dreams and relevant interpretation I suggest

( Dreams No. 1–to–25 )

FOREWORD: It might be useful to emphasize that dream interpretation alone does not exhaust an analysis and I make no claim that mine is THE INTERPRETATION, i.e. the only and final interpretation, that cannot exists. This is particularly true with regard to the oneiric material you will send me as in this case my answer will only reflect the considerations that it will arouse in my mind. Knowing nothing of the dreamer, in fact, I can simply notice contents having a universal nature that is the contents that are common to all human beings.

As far as the dreams of my patients are concerned, instead, I can be more precise and go deeper in detail as I know the framework of life for every dream my patients have. In this type of work I have a pluri-ten-year empirical skill and this is the only guarantee I can offer with regard to the reliability of my statements.


Green = Text of the dream

Blue = My interpretation and my answers.
Brown = Your considerations, if any.


Dream No. 1

There is a criminal in my house. He might even be a drug addict. I want to send him away but I am afraid. In spite of this, I reach him in the room where he is. It is the same room where I lived when I was a child and where I use to work now. I don't remember the details but my fear goes off and I start talking to him. I have the impression that he is trying to keep in contact with me. As for myself I try to reassure him about the way he looks like at the outside, that is in the eyes of the others. I realize that his face it neither very ugly nor very dreadful. Amongst other things, I tell him that I will always be his friend.

This dream is very rich in meanings. Let’s examine each one of them.

A frequent question is: "Who can surely say that the dreamer would not have had the same dream, even if he had not started a psychotherapy treatment?"
Answer: I cannot give you this assurance and I believe that nobody else can. I can only notice that the person that had this dream was undergoing a psychotherapy treatment and that, before starting his analysis, the same person had two other dreams, described below, whose meaning is exactly opposite to the dream’s I have just interpreted.
Any unbiassed person could say that a change did occur that it might not be hazardous to define "evolution". Whether this improvement should be ascribed to the psychotherapy treatment or not, this is only a matter of faith, therefore no logic or experimental demonstration can be provided. This fact, however, doesn't trouble me too much as I consider myself just a mechanic repairing a few breakdowns here and there. I lay no claim to write an essay of "Science of constructions."

Dream No. 2

The danger of the devil, evil and witchcraft, mainly for the children, was there.
To defend oneself it was necessary to trace crosses everywhere, on the doors, windows and any opening. I traced white-colored crosses. I spent a lot of time in this defensive struggle, Satan being always ready to attack or in ambush.
I wondered which sort of life was this one spent living shut inside a house, tracing crosses all the time.

This dream should be read together with Dream No. 1 and relevant interpretation.

Additional considerations:

Very Important: if you forgive me for the pun, in his unconscious the dreamer is aware that living all the time shut inside a bunker is no life!

Perhaps it starts to be clearer, now, the meaning of the title of my Home Page "The golden mine of dreams".

Dream No. 3

I had to meet some bandits and it was dangerous. To do so I had to take a lift to go down to a deeply underground level.
I remember the feeling of the lack of contact with the surface. Perhaps somebody else had gone there before I did. I was about to do it now.

This dream should be read together with Dream No. 1 and relevant interpretation.

Additional considerations:

Dream No. 4

I had this dream more than once.

In the garage of my house there is a hidden door that I trespass in opposition to everybody’s opinion.
I go through very dark and cold rooms, tortuous and low corridors. I climb up some stairs. There are corridors that, at the end, conceal rooms where one could die. On the walls there are grates hiding dangers but I don't know what these are. I climb up a ladder set against a wall, then I cross a small door and get into an old and dusty room where nobody ever entered. Everything is old and covered with dust.

A recurrent dream stops only after unraveling the entangled skein that caused its coming out.

When we (unconsciously) feel that our inside is a place of emotions felt as dangerous, we lock our access to it and forget the existence of that dimension. But this solution, in acual facts, is no solution, rather it makes the situation worse because those emotions look for, and find, other ways of expression, that is the whole boundless series of pathological symptoms.

When, thanks to psychotherapy, we return to those inner places, at the beginning we find them tortuous, old and covered with dust because nobody visited them for a long time.

A feeling of danger persists but it no longer prevents us from exploring as it did before.

I have purposely spoken of "feeling" of danger because, in actual facts, there is no true danger (except rare cases, not meaningful under a statistic profile). Fear is felt so stiffly because we play it back as intense as we felt it when we were very young, that is weak and vulnerable.
At that time we locked its display thus hindering its flowing, decreasing, becoming exhausted. Now it is a matter of re-starting the interrupted process and help the patient to become aware that years have elapsed and now he owns resources that he didn't have as a child.
A lot of time is required to obtain this result but in the end perseverance is rewarded and the target is attained, as this dream shows.
Exploration is started in opposition to everybody’s opinion because a contact with the emotions that the community considers bad, hence sentences, is involved.

Is also necessary to say that during our childhood the repression of shocking emotions has a beneficial safeguard action too because at that age our psychic structure is still weak, delicate and too strong drives would surely crush it. It can be added that, as exploration goes on, unpleasant elements gradually decrease until they completely disappear to let other pleasant and enlivening feelings that we will meet in other dreams come up.

Dream No. 5

My water heater had broken and I was repairing it. While I was there bustling about with my tools, the water container got punctured and a strong flow of very hot steam struck me.

This dream must be read together with Dreams No. 6, 7, 8 as they all belong to the same person and they represent variations on a same theme: the patient feels that something dangerous is approaching, he feels that emotions to which "he ascribes" a destructive and overwhelming power are about to emerge from his unconscious.

I have quoted the expression "he ascribes" since these emotions don't have that power actually. Today he could play them back without suffering any harm but he, at unconscious level, still experiences them the same way as he felt them as a child, when actually he could be crushed by them.

With this patient any contrivance I adopted to reassure him showed to be ineffective, starting from the most obvious one, i.e. interrupting any dream interpretation as from the very first time he had this sort of dreams.
It is evident that the pressure (steam) pushing the material from the inside was such as to make any other defensive preparation vain except for the mere interruption of the therapy.

The odd and apparently inexplicable thing is that previously this patient succeeded in "withstanding" and rather easily metabolizing quite "heavy" food as homosexual thrusts towards his brother and father can be.
In addition, the latter was dead and it is known that all emotions felt for dead persons are even more difficult to handle.

Dream No. 6

The black wire of an electricity socket had come off and I was setting it back again when unfortunately it got in touch with the second wire thus producing a short-circuit with a blinding spark that made me jump in a fright.

We can make some remarks, in addition to those already made above:

Dream No. 7

I am on a river bank, near a bridge that looks like having been built recently. Around me everything is peaceful however I feel that something serious is going to happen. After a short while, in fact, a big swollen billow arrives and overwhelms everything, including a newly built bridge and the cement floor that had been set on the river bed.

Dream No. 8

It is dark. I get down inside myself sliding along a rope, in a vertical tunnel that makes me to think of a trachea.
Nobody forces me to do that therefore I am calm and peaceful. Suddenly a lighthouse turns on casting light on a small black box.
It is closed and I have the clear feeling that the devil is inside it. I am stiffly scared and I turn immediately back.

This was the last dream before analysis was interrupted. Reasons consciously given were the usual ones: cost of the therapy, its duration, troublesome transfers, doubts on the real effectiveness of the therapy, etc.
Everybody who has even a little knowledge of the language in which dreams are written, instead, knows that the true reason is the one described in an unequivocal way in the aforementioned dreams.

Evil is projected to the outside, in the Devil, rather than being perceived as a part of ourselves. The result of this placing the evil outside ourselves is that we cannot change our relationship with it because there is no possibility of allowing the other parts, positive this time, to emerge and counterbalance the situation.

It could be objected that in this case the Devil is inside the person but this doesn't change the fact that it is perceived as something other than oneself.

Dream No. 9

I was in the bathroom and I felt the floor lifting up many times. I realized that it was an earthquake shock and that it was much stronger than previous shocks considering its violence and duration. I wondered if the house had been damaged, if everything was in its place.
I thought I would go and see the room where I use to work (and where I lived when I was a child) to check it for damages, as cracks were there even before the earthquake.

A bathroom is often the symbol of analysis because it is the place where we get rid of dirty things, the place where we can get a self-knowledge "through a looking glass", the place where we make us presentable to the eyes of the others. During the analysis, therefore, the patient notices that violent drives are suddenly emerging and he feels that they can cause damages to his visible personality (the house) that, moreover, showed signs of a not too great stoutness (cracks) even before.

The seism extends to childhood and nowadays area at the same time. There is a perception of the link connecting the two areas: the room where he uses to work now, in fact, is the same room where he lived as a child.

The difference from the previous three dreams, by another patient, is remarkable. Here the omni-pervading and almost animal fear that makes escape the only behavior left to adopt is missing.

In its place we can see that self-presence and capacity to make evaluations, comparisons and considerations are being kept. In the whole report of this dream there is not a single word expressing directly or recalling the idea of fear.

To avoid possible misunderstandings and easy enthusiasms in the readers, I would add that this patient is not at the initial stage of the therapy. He earned this result through very hard work, removing any doubts and uncertainties that are always in ambush and that often are fed by relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Dream No. 10

I am in the room where I use to work and I am holding a broom in my hand. I begin to sweep the floor which is made of marble and very beautiful. It is dirty indeed, full with sawdust and every kind of garbage.
Holding the dust collector on one side and the broom on the other side, I start picking all the dirt up and, little by little, I clear it out putting it inside a dust bin.
I am annoyed because I don't know how long it will take, the place being very large. I wonder how was it possible to bring it to this state! However I go on sweeping because I am aware that I have to clean the whole floor.

The room where she works represents the ongoing analysis, seen as a "compulsory" activity requiring effort , not a pleasant job. The floor is the supporting base, the back up, the earth-unconsciousness perceived as very dirty but, at the same time, also very beautiful.

To carry out her cleaning operation she uses either endowments that she considers of female nature (dust collector-bin) and endowments considered of male nature (broom-phallic symbol, fucking or "brooming" as we say in Italian).
She is irritated at the idea that the work will take a long time and she is also surprised to find that amount of dirt, she did not expect it.

The conclusion of the dream is very positive because it shows the intention of continuing to clean up until the cleaning work is completed. Analysis is fatiguing and long but, in the end, "the very beautiful marble floor" comes out.

Dream No. 11

I am clinging to a sand dune while huge waves try to take me away but I have the feeling that they won't succeed.

Emotions-water are approaching and they are very intense, they even seem to have the wicked intention of submerging the dreamer but here the conclusion of the dream allows to be trustful as to the prosecution of analysis: waves won't be successful, she has a solid supporting base, a stout anchorage that will enable her to face, play back and metabolize her approaching emotions.

Dream No. 12

I am wearing my wedding dress and I am in front of the altar but I can’t see the bridegroom. I am busy with my veil that, moreover, is very long and is secured to the right of my head by a small comb.

I find that this headdress is not very safe, so I remove it and I try to put back in a better way but I am not satisfied because it is not the sort of headdress I like, mainly because the veil is too long and I often stumble over it. I feel that somebody dressed me in a way that does not match my style, in fact I can’t move freely and easily.

At the time of the dream the dreamer was about to get married but she was not completely sure that this important action of her life reflected her true intentions, her wishes. It was rather a passive sticking to the expectations of those who lived around her.

There are many negative symbols in this dream: the bridegroom cannot be seen, the headdress is not safe, she doesn't like it, the veil is too long, she stumbles over it, she cannot move freely and easily.

This interpretation is confirmed by the following dream, a few days later.

Dream No. 13

I am wearing my wedding dress but my hair is out of order and so are my fingernails and I have no make up on. I am just as I am in my every day life, except for the wedding dress.

After my marriage I go into a car with my husband but I realize I have no house ready to go. He suggests to go to the house located in ....street but I feel that our true house is not that one.

See the previous dream.

Dream No. 14

Near my parents’ house there is a field surrounded by a barbed wire fencing with earth dug all round it. My father and I are carrying arms with us and we keep bent while we walk around this field. Together we have to defeat the enemy.

It is a war scenario, the outer world is seen as hostile, dangerous, as an enemy to defeat. In this struggle the father is experienced as the trustworthy backing up ally.

Dream No. 15

I meet a lady that, in my real life, I found always disagreeable. I look attentively at her and I find that indeed she has undergone a big change, she seems kind and her look is sweet. I cannot really understand the reason for this change and I am surprised at it.
The woman has more or less the same age as my mother and they also look somewhat like each other.

This patient had come to me for analysis being persuaded that her problem was her difficult relationship with her father only. Some time after the beginning of the therapy, on the contrary, she had the dream described hereunder that disclosed great difficulties also in her relationship with her mother.

This relationship was impregnated with such a great hostility as to induce the daughter to be afraid that her mother’s life was at risk.
In this dream, instead, it is evident that the reasons of conflict with her mother have disappeared and she discovers her mother’s positive aspects.

Dream No. 16

I am in an upgoing elevator. There are also another three persons with me and one of these is a middle-age woman. The floor is split in four sections. The appalling thing is that, in turn, one of these four sections disappears thus leaving an empty space.

The persons have to jump from one side to the other to avoid falling down into this empty space. I feel all this as a danger and I am in distress. The middle-age woman represents my greatest concern as she is not very good at jumping.

This dream should be read together with the previous one.
The dreamer’s family consists of 4 persons and the mother is a middle-age woman.
The upgoing elevator is the symbol of emotional contents that are emerging from the unconscious and are causing distress.

Dream No. 17 (recurrent Dream)

A married couple climbs the ladder of an airplane which is about to take off. At a certain point, however, he continues climbing until he arrives at the top of the ladder and takes off with the plane while she stops half way on the ladder and stays on land.

During her sexual intercourses with her husband, the dreamer never got to an orgasm (flying), while he did.

Climbing a ladder can be the symbol of a sexual intercourse for more than one reason:

Another meaning of climbing ladders is the typical one, easier to understand: progressing towards something placed more aloft and requiring fatigue. It can be either a material or a spiritual target, in any case an "elevation".

Dream No. 18

In front of me are three huge stone statues representing three naked men. All the three of them have lost their penis that has fallen down to earth, breaking into several pieces and I know that only my math formulas will be able to reconstruct it.

A no longer young math teacher had this dream; in her life there were three important male figures: her father, her husband, her son.

The dreamer was grown up in a society where men’s power was greater than women’s, even more than today. That’s why the male statues are huge.
In our culture math-rationality is considered a male endowment.

At this point it doesn't seem hazardous to assume that the dreamer used her choice to graduate in math to redress the power balance to her advantage. In her dream, furthermore, men lost their power and only she owns the means to give it back to them. Real, effective power does not belong to those who hold it rather to those who can grant it or give it back.

It is worthwhile mentioning that the dreamer‘s revenge on men is deceptive or, at least, only partial as it is obtained through the use of rationality which is considered a male endowment. The same male power she contests is reinstated in actual facts as she adopts its values.

As to the penis-power equivalence I believe there is no need to spend a lot of words, it suffices recalling the phallic symbols represented by the king’s scepter, the magician’s wand, and the cudgel of cave-dwellers.

Dream No. 19

I go to my hairdresser to have my hair cut. As she starts her job, she cuts my fringe and this gets me angry because I don't want the haircut to uncover much of my face.

Hair can have two complementary meanings: as a residual of the animal fur, it represents our deepest, strongest and most elementary emotions; as arising from the head, it usually represents one’s thoughts and psychic world (it can also mean strength but this does not apply to the dream we are examining).

An hairdresser sets hair in order, hence it is one of the many symbols in which the psychotherapist’s work can be identified.

From the first part of the dream I understand that I have to put my foot on the brake and slow down my interpretation process as the patient feels she is too much uncovered.

It is interesting noticing that this unconscious attitude that comes up thanks to this dream is matched to an entirely opposite conscious attitude, the patient complains that therapy is too slow, too long, and claims that she is looking forward to the time when "what has to come out does come out!". Of course I have to follow the indication coming from the dream because the patient’s choices and decisions will be based thereon.

Continuation of the dream:

I had explained her that I wanted to have every split end of my hair cut and she answers that this will involve a very long work, therefore it would be better to go on with it in my house. But I don't want to let her come in because I am ashamed of my house, it is ugly, dirty, messy (*).

(*) On the contrary, my house is clean, orderly and beautiful in reality.

As it often occurs, the patient wants to reach the result but she doesn't feel like doing all that is necessary to get it. It is the typical attitude of a child that wants his belly-ache to go away but doesn't want to take the purge because it is bitter.
Faced with the idea of a long and fatiguing job the dreamer draws back.

This hint added to the previous one doesn't allow to make favourable forecasts as to the analysis follow-up.
The reason for this reluctancy is clearly explained too, this person feels that she has something dirty, ugly, messy inside herself (the house) and she is ashamed.

It is to be noticed that there is a conflict between the two houses, the visible (conscious personality) one and the inner invisible-unconscious one.

Dream No. 20

I put a lamp inside a deep well helping me with a rope. The well is so narrow that no person can pass through it.
I can see that at the bottom there is a large enlightened room. It is full with golden ingots and other riches. I face the problem of how I can get down there: the well is narrow and, as it is, it is not possible to pass through it. I am thinking of digging some steps all around it, like a spiral.

By this time the patient has overcome the first phase of his analysis, when fear is caused by the unconscious regarded like a cloaca, a black well down which one is required to go. Now he finally perceives also the impressive riches contained therein.
These are not immediately available yet and will become such upon completion of the necessary work that, anyhow, is already focused and planned.

This dream can be read together with the following one as one confirms the other.

Dream No. 21

I had become Prime Minister and I was happy. I thought that I would go amongst people, also those who lived in slums and in the most dangerous districts.
My escort was only to follow me, I would go first. It was a very small escort, two or three persons only. At a certain point I even succeeded in stopping a thief.

Read this dream together with the previous one.

At the beginning of the analysis this person dreamt of being a tramp living under bridges or confined in a jail that was perceived as the only existing world. On the contrary, now he feels so strong, brave and sure as to be able to get in contact with his deepest and most dangerous parts. He even succeeds in stopping a thief, that is his self-perception is turned over, shifting from prisoner to policeman status.

Dream No. 22

I received the following message by e-mail:

Through www.virgilio.it  I found your site that I quite like for its setting and because I think it was recently developed, hence I can imagine that there is still a high interest in Internet and the possibilities connected thereto.
I am writing to tell you a recent dream of mine and, if possible, have your interpretation thereof.

I am travelling in a far-away country together with a friend of mine. We reach a village where all inhabitants are busy in taking bread, flour and water up to the top of a mountain. I look at the mountain: its peak is white because it is made of flour and bread.
He wants to climb it but I am afraid it would not hold our weight.
The strongest image is represented by the very high top of the mountain associated to my impression of its fragility in spite of the fact that many persons are climbing it, moulding and building it with their own hands.

I hope to hear from you soon, anyhow I wish to thank you straight now.

P.S. I hope you appreciate my thouing you direct, as per Internet standard practice.

Let’s start from the end. Thouing each other is OK with me, I prefer it too.

I cannot tell you too much about your dream as it seems to refer to a "personal" problem you may have, that is your project of life that can be executed with the companionship of your friend.
He would like to build the same type of life as the majority of people do, but you are afraid that this sort of life is not stout enough.
Many assumptions can be made with regard to the reasons for your fear, but if I yield to this temptation, I would enter a field which is not mine, rather sorceresses’ field..... :-)


After reading this interpretation, the dreamer wrote to me specifying that it does not conform to reality because that friend of hers is just … a friend with her.
Reported for honesty’s sake.

Dream No. 23

I met a very famous champion, like Alberto Tomba, and I thought that throughout his sport activity there had been not only victories but falls as well. He had suffered psychologic problems and he was similar to me under this profile. Yet, in spite of all this, he had met with success. I told him so and he pointed out that the difference between us was that, after every difficulty, he had persisted and to made it successfully while I had withdrawn and given up.

This dream is self-explanatory and becomes even clearer when one considers that in previous dreams self-representation was a tramp living under bridges, or a prisoner submitted to his status whose only concern was how to make his stay in prison as less unconfortable as possible (see Dream No. 21).

After this dream, and other equivalent dreams, a change started to take place leading the dreamer to discover his own unexpected possibilities. Fatalist and passive submission had given way to a desire of discovering and exploiting his own gifts to the best.

Dream No. 24

There was a fellow that owned a large old building but lived in a colonnade overlooking a closter. I was surprised that dirt was everywhere, also the fellow that was a tramp actually.

Here we can see the intermediate stage the dreamer of the previous dream has gone through: at the beginning there was a passive and accepted submission to his defeated status, his personal gifts were completely ignored ; then there is an almost incredulous discovery of how absurd his position was. He is living as a tramp while he owns a large old building!

Only after this discovery he can start to find out the reasons for his strange behaviour.
In the end, these reasons are explained by Alberto Tomba: "If you do not react to defeats and give up, you loose the possibility of being a champion".

Dream No. 25

A sort of ring was around my waist, or better it was a baby walker. Anyhow, there was something locking my belly, a constraint hindering my expansion.

A baby walker plays a useful role, it allows a child to stand up and move but woe betide if one used it as an adult because, in this case, rather than help it becomes a constraint locking one’s movement and growth.
The dreamer, an adult according to the register of birth, still has childish behaviours hindering his development to maturity.
It is to be noted that the unconscious of this person his aware of the dreamer’s life condition that, on the contrary, escapes his consciousness.

Whenever I suggest such an interpretation to my patients, usually they put on an astonished expression, as if they were surprised that until that moment they had not seen a truth that had always been there, in full visibility.


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