Notice to websurfers

When I used to update this site weekly, the most important changes and novelties introduced from time to time were highlighted on this page.

Now that the site is no longer updated, I use this page to pass the following message on to you and, above all, to ask you not to send me more dreams to be interpreted.

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Site updating ends here, at dream No. 313

Slightly more than two years ago, when I decided to create this site, I intended to show which and how many valuable indications can be drawn from dreams. As I wish to avoid any emphasis I will add no comments.

I may be wrong but I believe I have given sufficient evidence thereof. At this point, anyone who is not persuaded yet won't change his mind even with another hundred interpreted dreams.

Someone has written or said that: "Many persons don't own a computer and not every owner of a computer is connected to Internet or likes navigating through it. Why don't you publish a book with the dreams included in your site and, hopefully, many other dreams? ."

As a matter of fact, I still have very many dreams that showed to be useful to help someone to improve his life and that could prove useful also to others.

Well, I will think it over. I have no idea of how many persons could be interested in this project.

While I am thinking over this, anyone of you sharing the same suggestion could let me know by sending me an e-mail, even empty, with this Subject: Dreams Book.

Such e-mails will also allow me to draw up a list of the persons I should inform in case I decide to publish a paper version of this site.

A heartily thank you to all male and female visitors of this site, particularly the most affectionate ones.

Rome, February 23rd, 2000.


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