Who is she?

It could be the photo of my niece Michela, born a few weeks ago, but it could even be the symbolic representation of my newborn Home Page. And it is not all, in fact it could also be the symbol of childhood or the relevant capacity for looking at the world with still clear eyes, not conditioned by the experiences of life.

It could be all these and still other things, at the same time, that's why it is perfectly suited to introduce the topic of dreams and their relevant language which mainly consists of images having several meanings and emotions-feelings tied thereto.

Here is another example of the idea I am trying to convey. Try to look at my Home Page, particularly the first image aloft. The one represented by the polychromatic rectangle. It can be regarded as a simple mix of colors more or less pleasant to look at, or as a metaphor of consciousness casting light of awareness on the magmatic seething of the unconscious. This is, at least, what I wanted to signify when I selected that image and when I modified it to make it even more suited to deliver the symbolic meaning I had in my mind.

The two colored bars moving in opposite direction are there to signify, besides themselves, also another concept that, however, I won’t explain as I would rather leave it for you to guess. Let’s see if I succeeded in expressing what I wanted to communicate to you. Write to me, we can thus check if the message arrived at destination safely, altered or dit not arrive at all.

( NOTE: This opportunity was valid until I made the site update weekly, only )


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