Let me introduce myself

January 1st, 1998

I am 65 year old and I like to think that I am in the "early days of my old age". Just another way to exorcize the fear of dark times that are not too far away. It works at present, and well I would say.

I have a degree in psychology and am enrolled in the roster of psychotherapists in the Lazio region (Italy). I have attended a vocational training course in Gestalt psychology. My main therapeutic tool is represented by dreams and dream interpretation resulting after giving consideration to several facets, in the sense that I consider hindering and restrictive to keep within the boundaries of the dogmas of a single school.

I like living away from the world’s clamors and from the rush to accumulate "doubloons". I feel that these things take me away and divert me from my interior research and deepening.

I am fond of sea and sailboat. Whenever my slightly rusted joints allow me to do so, I like going out with a catamaran. And the stronger the wind, the better.

I reached the top of pleasure the day when I saw a rainbow growing from bow to stern of my Hobie Cat 14 as a result of speed produced water atomization.

"Tornado" is my best preferred one but I don't dislike "Hobie Cat", "Mattia" and so on. In other words, I know how to fit in every situation.

No, I don't own a fleet, simply some friends of mine share my same passion for sailing and each one of them owns a different type of catamaran.

The scope I am pursuing is equilibrium, in every field, between thought and emotion, science and faith, change and preservation, right and left, consciousness and the unconscious....

I am a relentless and almost omnivorous reader, preferably assays of psychology, yoga, alchemy and the like, yet I have always disregarded fiction for reasons I won't explain here to avoid boring you too much.

I still have some difficulty in moving in the forest of HTML tags but, no sooner I can master my movements more freely, I will insert a photo of mine in this page. I hope you won't run away, at that point..   :-)

Already done, here it is! And more difficult yet: there is also a link to the kind of music I like. The quality of sound is still to be improved however, as it is, the excerpt takes 470 kb!

I am ready to promise my eternal gratitude to anyone who will suggest me a way to harmonize quality and size.


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